SkyView Companies (SVC) specializes in large format
higher-density urban projects previously centered in the metro New York City development market. Over the past 10 years we have delivered over $1.5 billion in mixed use development in New York City consisting of 1,300 condos and apartments, 3,000 parking garage spaces and 1.2 million square feet of retail and medical offices. We are adept at modeling complex mixed use economic return structures. We understand the importance of working closely and amicably with city and county government processes.



in mixed use development


condos and apartments


SF Of Retail And Medical Offices

After two years of careful research and review, SVC has recently committed staff and resources to the Florida development market, and are actively seeking opportunities. We are confident our battle tested and vertically integrated development process and team, coupled with our broad network of design professionals, commercial real estate contacts, residential real estate professionals, retailers, lenders, individual investors, and investment funds, allowing us to be successful in Florida’s competitive development market. We will quickly develop local design, engineering and construction relationships.

We are a relationship firm. A large part of SVC’s success in NY was cultivating that team of professionals and trades that would “do the right thing” for us versus the typical mentality of getting away with what you can.


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